History of Metaverse:

The term was brought into existence by Neal Stephenson in 1992 through his science fiction novel Snow Crash. Here humans as avatars interacted with each other and with other software agents in a three-dimension virtual space used as a metaphor for the real world.
Similar to the concept, Vernor Vinge established a cyberpunk novella, namely True Names, in 1981.

History of Metaverse

The cyberspace concept, which first appeared in Burning Chrome by William Gibson in July 1982, became the central theme of the novel Neuromancer(1984). According to the book, the metaverse is different from cyberspace but also an inclusive concept that shows the totality of shared online space across all dimensions of representations. Unlike Neuromancer, the cartesian method metaverse allows users to use the virtual world, being aware of reality.


In 2021, social media company Facebook changed to Meta and reflected its focus on building the technology. Facebook version description is ” an embodied internet where you’re inexperienced, not just looking at it.”


Elements of metaverse

Cyberspace, as mentioned earlier, kept evolving, including the various computer-mediated virtual environments. Expand in cyberspace led to the acknowledgement of digital big-bang driven by multiple technologies and ecosystems.

Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse

Technology plays a vital role in transforming the internet into the metaverse. These include extended reality, user interaction ( Human-computer interaction), artificial intelligence, computer vision, cloud computing, and future mobile network. It helps the user interact in self-sustaining, persistence, and shared realms. Henceforth, the ecosystem considers user-centric elements using avatar identity, content creation, virtual economy, social acceptability, presence, security, privacy, trust, and accountability.


Snow Crash –

Snow Crash neal stephenson

Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash (1992) brought metaverse to its users as an urban environment. A single meter comprehensive read was developed, which runs the entire 2 raised to power 16 km circumference of a featureless, black, perfectly spherical planet.
A virtual real estate was thereby Global Multimedia Protocol Group, a natural fictional association for computing machinery.
Stephenson described suburbia of people who want to connect to metaverse given the moniker ‘gargoyle’ based on their appearance. The gargoyle experiences it from the first-person perspective.

The Matrix –

The matrix

It was movie series that depicted a fictional future in which humans are trapped unknowingly, and the world is known as Matrix. This is created by artificial intelligence through which distract humans while using them as an energy source.

Ready Player One –

Ready player one

It is a 2011 science fiction written by Earnest Cline, where he showed the year 2045 gripped by global warming, social problem, and economic stagnation.
The first-hand metaverse escape is Oasis, accessed by VR headset and wired gloves by the users. Functioning both as MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game) and as virtual reality, a sequel entitled Ready Player Two was released.


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