App Promotion: How to promote Tools and Utility Apps?

How to promote Tools and Utility Apps?

App promotion is one of the top strategies for increasing sales to many developers and marketers. It also seems challenging as it’s hard to correctly put time, energy, and resources to get maximum benefits.

Through this blog, we will look at the best ways to get exposed to the crowded world of mobile apps. Also, apart from the customer acquisition strategies and content distribution techniques, we will know about various beneficial opportunities for app developers and marketers.

App Promotion: Strategies and Tips


      1. Competitor Analysis:

    App Promotion : Competitor analysis

    If you want to shine, it’s essential to keep an eye on what other tools and utility apps are doing in the market.

    The foremost thing to know is that these apps are divided into two categories. The Apple App Store is known as ‘UTILITIES’ and in Google App Store as ‘TOOLS’. Although the downloading trend is the same for both, it’s more visible in Google App Store. Most tools and utility apps are found in the free section. Still, their professional versions are also available at a premium where customers must pay a certain amount to avail these.

    The top-grossing apps have premium features, but it has been noticed that customers are more inclined towards the ‘freemium’ version. So, it’s always better to study your targeted audience and know whether they are content with the basic one or are willing to pay for the premium versions.

    2. User-friendly Tools:

    App promotion : user friendly tools

    It has always been advised to analyze the way your user browse your app. The result shows that the audience or users prefer to use tools and apps that are easier to use as they do not like to switch between them. And therefore, the time spent inside your app is never seen as a metric measure of success.

    Hence, we suggest you listen to the user’s demands and accordingly take the decision. Check and analyze if your tool and utility app is providing adequate service in the shortest time.

    3. Less Interference:

    app promotion : less inference

    Unnecessary ads are always considered a disturbing element. Not all, but if you stuff your app or tool with irrelevant ads, there are high chances that the user will uninstall the application before using all its features.

    The best way to enhance users is to provide less disruptive elements and make the utility app or tool more beneficial and purposeful. A balance is ensured between monetizing your app and impressing your users.

    4. Be Innovative:

    App promotion : Be innovate

    Although providing a simple way for users to solve their daily problems through your app is a boon, not all think the same in this competitive world.
    Along with being more accessible, you are also needed to think out of the box and provide some unique and resourceful elements. Put up amazing features to surprise your users and make your app and tool more beneficial.

    5. App Store Optimization:

    App promotion : app store optimization

    The first place for your app promotion is the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The audience often looks for new apps, and yours should be on the list. So, to get that, take App Store Optimization seriously. The high
    position in the search result helps you in boosting your app’s ranking.

        1. Social Media advertising is the King:

      App promotion : social media advertising is the king

      Social media provide a wide variety of marketing options that increase the percentage of people who might download your app and tool. You can also create your audience under various factors such as age, interest or location. Even you can take AB experiment to reach more people and make your app or tool more successful.

      7. Detect Mobile Browser:

      app promotion : Direct mobile browser

      Do you know the difference between a mobile phone app and a business website? Although both are essential, there is a significant difference that exists. While business website attracts new clients whereas the mobile app is
      used to create smooth communication and interaction.

      You can detect the mobile browser of the user to promote your tool and utility app. But for that, you need to have a business website to get your client. You can have a unique code on the website to redirect them to the app page.

      8. Don’t miss the security:

      app marketing : Security Foremost

      Do you know 45% of the famous Android apps request to see the location and track to undertake essential daily operation? Although users provide the information as to its necessity, it seems suspicious.
      Being an app owner, you must be open and honest with the user with the data taken, as it will help you gain a reliable and valuable reputation.
      Once you are ensured that your mobile app is secured, you need to concentrate on other aspects. Utility app and tools focus on getting new users and maintaining long-term clients and engagement


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