Humorous Marketing : Can marketing strategies be humorous?

Humorous marketing strategy

Infusing humor into marketing and advertising often shows the personality or brand’s human side. This makes customers know more about the brand they are using or are planning to attach with. As a marketer, we realize what our potential customers want or where the market is inclined.

humorous marketing strategy

Humorous marketing strategies do reap good results but are not always the golden egg-laying goose. Many brands such as Super Bowl or Dollar Shave Club got millions of likes, views, and customers through their funny ads. But there are also other companies like Kenneth Cole Production, who suffered a lot due to awful humour taste.
So, the first question that pops in the head is that, “is it safe to make such risky attempts?”

Benefits of Humorous Brand ads-

Brand Ads

Humor does add practical qualities in marketing material such as

Attention-Grabbing: As humour are naturally colourful and original, it stands out from other marketing strategies. People love sharing laughter, and such campaigns imbue more shareability. The brand which makes its marketing strategies funny proves to be more relatable and trustworthy to people. Being so many ads on the media, how many can be recalled? Comical ads can leave their imprints in the mind of the customer.

attention grabbing content planning

But, the other side of the coin can worsen the campaign if:
• Inappropriate jokes are made at the wrong time, making the brand look unpopular.
• The customer thinks that the sole purpose of humorous ads is to grab attention, which will turn it exploitative.
• Topics are not chosen wisely, making the joke cheap or making the serious issue less critical.
• The joke turns to be offensive.

funny marketing strategy

But taking a risk will open new paths. Here are some key areas where humour can make the campaign successful.

Accent to Brand:

A comical touch to valuable content can make it more precious. For example, if a severe issue is to be discussed, put up a more tongue-in-cheek voice to make it appealing and memorable.

Tried and Tested ads:

Before putting a comical ad, make sure you go through the AB testing technique on a small group of people. The testing will help you to understand that humor is unapologetic.

• Making the brand stand out of the crowd:

Giving a humorous voice to the brand will distinguish it from its competitors. For example, Oreo put a quirky voice to differentiate it from other biscuit brands.

• Branding is done personally:

If taking more risk seems profitable, then one can humour their brand. For example, Elon Musk separated himself from Tesla and SpaceX by creating jokes and roasting people.

As mentioned before, humor ads can’t always be the golden egg-laying goose. Here are some threats which should be kept in mind before making the strategy.

• Bad Timing:

Be careful about the timing because if the targeted area of the brand is facing a natural disaster or there is any lousy time going, residents would not like reading the jokes. The brand will also be termed as unsensible.

• Misalignment in brand campaigning:

Learn what the brand appeal to. If it takes itself seriously, then humour strategy is a big no.

Misalignment in brand campaigning

So, after learning the pros and cons, what are your views? Well, it depends on the alignment of the company or if you are ready to take the risk or willing to put up all intelligence.

The clever marketing strategy will certainly give a different dimension to the brand and earn good results, but only if used properly.


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